When To Ride

One of the greatest reasons for trail closure is trespassing on private property. Quite often your local club will negotiate access agreements with local landowners. It’s always important to stay on the approved trails and not venture off, particularly on private property. It’s also very important to ride safely and responsibly – trail access is a privilege which all riders are responsible for.

In some areas of the country you can ride an OHV in designated areas all year round. In other parts, either when trails are shared with snowmobiles or other trail users, or when the ground is not suitable to ride an OHV on, trails are seasonally closed.

OHVs are quite often restricted from trail use during the spring thaw. Travel on soft ground in the spring can permanently ruin trails and make them impassable. Different soil types will react differently. Your local club will have information on any riding black-out periods.

Riding areas may also be temporarily unavailable when volunteers are doing trail work or when natural or man-made damage make the inaccessible. Again, your local club will know about the status of trails. If you don’t know which, or if, a club is in your riding area, Contact your provincial rider federation through the links on our website.

ATV & Quad Safety Week is June 3 to 12, 2022

Whether you’re joining the sport for the first time, coming back to riding after an extended time away, or looking forward to another incredible season of off-road adventures, these tips will keep you riding safely all season long: