A Side-by-Side (SxS) is an off-road vehicle that has a steering wheel, non-straddling seats, foot controls and four or more low-pressure tires. An easy way to differentiate between a Side-by-Side and an ATV is that you sit in a SxS and you sit on an ATV.

Side-by-Sides are also divided into two categories: Sport/Recreation and Utility. Having said that quite often utility models can also be used for recreational purposes. Sometimes the line defining the category is a little blurred.

Sport/Recreation Side-by-sides

Sport/Recreation SxSs tend to have a higher performance motor and chassis. They are meant to get you up to speed and soak up any bumps along the way. They have a long travel suspension and more assertive off-road treaded tires. They can be one-, two- or four-seaters. Sport models can have less cargo capacity than recreational or utility SxSs..

utility side-by-sides

Utility SxSs place more emphasis on cargo and hauling capacity. The motor emphasizes torque or high revving horsepower. These machines can really get a job done.

Many of todays SxSs cross the line between sport and utility.

They aren’t thoroughbreds and they aren’t work horses.

They are just a nice daily rider.

ATV & Quad Safety Week is June 3 to 12, 2022

Whether you’re joining the sport for the first time, coming back to riding after an extended time away, or looking forward to another incredible season of off-road adventures, these tips will keep you riding safely all season long: