An ATV is an off-highway vehicle with handlebars, a seat that is straddled and four or more low-pressure tires.

Type I ATVs are manufactured as rider-only vehicles. Never carry a passenger on an ATV designed for one rider because in will cause improper weight biasing.

Some manufacturers produce Type II ATVs specifically designed to carry a passenger. These are also called 2 Up s.

Sport atvs

Sport ATVs are usually lighter and zippier. They are frequently designed with two-wheel drive where only the back wheels are driven by the motor or they can be four-wheel drive with all wheels being driven by the motor. But don’t be fooled. These machines will still take you where you want to go to explore all that nature has to offer.


In some cases, your ATV may need to work a little harder. UTVs – or utility ATVs – have four-wheel drive to provide more power and function. But don’t think these machines are only for work. You can use them to complete jobs around the property and also to explore rugged terrain and discover outdoor wonders. 


For those interested in a greater adrenalin rush, ATV racing may be for you. Light, fast, agile – these machines can get your heart pumping, your blood pumping and a grin spreading across your face.


Some ATVs are designed for a passenger. These are manufactured specifically to accommodate the weight which a passenger adds. Single-rider ATVs with an added after-market seat do not consider this added weight or handling required. Only transport passengers on ATVs designed for passengers. ATVs can be manual shift, semi-automatic and fully automatic.

Your OHV dealer can help you decide which ATV is right for you. He or she can explain different types of suspension, types of steering and transmission.

Regardless of which you pick – ATVs are great!

ATV & Quad Safety Week is June 3 to 12, 2022

Whether you’re joining the sport for the first time, coming back to riding after an extended time away, or looking forward to another incredible season of off-road adventures, these tips will keep you riding safely all season long: